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About Us

What do you get when you put the best immigration consultants in Singapore together:

More than 25 years of collective experience in a wide range of immigration services in Singapore.

Dedicated team of Singapore immigration experts, trained by ex-ICA and ex-Ministry officers, with an insatiable hunger to better themselves every day for every client,

A highly personalised approach in every case and pure grit to see through every application process to achieve the best results?


The Immigration People is an immigration agency in Singapore that was started by like-minded skilled professionals who remain fervent supporters of the Singapore immigration system, migration matters and immigration law in Singapore.


As a Singapore immigration agency, The Immigration People (TIP) mission is to Bring Singapore Closer to all our clients through successful immigration to our country.


We are a powerful team of individuals put together to bring about the best, personalized service to all our clients.

Our Services

As one of the best PR application agency in Singapore, The Immigration People (TIP) is renowned for assisting foreigners in sinking their roots in Singapore. Through our range of services for different avenues of immigration, we are able to effectively secure the best results through the most viable option in their interest.

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Our clients share good news of their experiences with their peers who have similar needs as we remain a cut above the rest in our service through honouring our promise of customized solutions coupled with world-class service.

Client Advocacy Programme (Referral Scheme)

Our clients share the good news of their application process or experiences with their peers who have similar needs as we remain a cut above the rest in our service through honouring our promise of customized solutions coupled with world-class service.

This inhouse test, based on a decade of policy knowledge accumulation, is an eligibility check designed to assist foreigners who are keen to apply for PR in Singapore in making an informed decision to proceed.

e-Preliminary Profile Analysis

As a PR application agency with years of industry-specific knowledge, this in-house test, which is based on more than a decade of policy knowledge accumulation. It is an eligibility check designed to calculate the success rate and better assist foreigners who are keen to apply for PR in Singapore in making an informed decision to proceed.

Why Choose Us

Honesty Is The Best Policy

You will be surprised to know that we reject clients. As Singapore immigration experts, we will carefully access your suitability.

Do expect our honest opinions during the consultation as we analyse your profile through specific and in-depth questions.

We will be upfront with you and your application chances.

It is no secret as to why we pride ourselves as one of the best PR application agency in Singapore


Strategized Application

Every client's profile is different and there will never be a one-size-fits-all solution.

As Singapore immigration experts, our team will analyse your case for application and offer specific instructions to ensure it reaches its fullest potential before submission.

All Documents According to Stringent Requirement

We will gather all relevant documents of yours and put them through a multi-tiered check.

Need advice on retrieving some important documents?

We got you covered and will direct you to the right places.

Real Case-Building Over Time

Quick turnarounds will definitely enable an immigration agency in Singapore more clients in a short span of time but will that be of favour to you?

No. There will be many areas to work on for each case or immigration process and consistency is key for areas such as social efforts and investment-related options.

Promised quick turnarounds via fast submissions by another PR application agency?

Your chances of success might be close to none. Think again!

Secured Storage of Documents via Private Network & Paperless System

Nothing will be left to chance, including the sensitive information and documents that you have entrusted to us.

No documents can be accessed beyond the safe environment of our main office.

Technological advancements allow us to be a Singapore immigration agency that is paperless, reducing the need for you to reprint any important documents and allowing us to be eco-friendly.

If you are still looking for an immigration consultancy firm to apply for Singapore PR or citizenship, do book a free consultation with us today!

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Upcoming Events

Seminars cohosted in partnership with an Insurance Agency

Seminars co-hosted in partnership with an Insurance Agency.

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Lunch and Learn to understand the PR application requirements.

Lunch and Learn to understand the PR application requirements.

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One to One, private consultation, covering PR Application Criteria.

One to one, private consultation, covering PR Application Criteria.

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The Immigration People

How would you benefit from coming to our Lunch and Learn talks as well as seminars? Are you interested in understanding some common mistakes in failed applications? Or learn more about the immigration regulations? As Singapore immigration experts, we can definitely share with you some of the advice & tips on how to navigate your way through your applications and complex immigration issues better!
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Our Team

Kay Cheong


Elena Kwa


Miguel Mateo



Kay is a client-focused, detail-oriented executive with vast experience in Singapore inbound immigration matters. She has established herself as a key advisor to her clients by understanding their unique profiles and circumstances before providing them with customised solutions to successfully obtain their Singapore Permanent Resident and/or Citizenship status/es. The reviews and clients’ feedbacks are a testament to her professionalism and care she demonstrates for every case. In Kay's drive to provide the best advice, she keeps herself abreast of the latest policies and procedures. Leveraging on her extensive knowledge and relationship management, she has led and mentored several junior consultants throughout her career. Kay is relentless in her pursuit of positive results for all clients under her charge.

Elena is a highly experienced Immigration Consultant with more than five years of experience regarding Singapore inbound immigration matters. A go-getter since her younger days, she has soared through the ranks in her past hires which translated to a rock-solid track record, glowing reputation and undeniable flair in handling her clients' cases. Her accumulated and extensive knowledge through the years also saw her leading a vast team of junior and senior consultants before the launch of The Immigration People. Elena’s paused attitude has always been and will always be one of the x-factors in her character. A provider of highly personalised and customised service is what draws clients to her with C-Suites a common sight among her large clientele base. Elena has proven time after time that her grit in pushing for the best results is often rewarded with clients’ approvals.

Miguel is our senior advisor in all matters related to company management, digitalisation, process improvement and client excellence centricity. With a master degree in Computer Science and having more than 20 years of experience working in the Financial Industry, doing mostly business management, Miguel’s wealth of knowledge, know-how and structured approach to solving complex problems is an invaluable addition to the team.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Immigration People

As An Immigration Agency, What Services Do The Immigration People Provide?

As an immigration agency in Singapore, we provide a wide range of services for our clients. Our services include immigration services in Singapore, such as Singapore permanent resident or citizenship applications, personalized employment passes, long-term dependent passes, and business owners' relocation services.

If you might be interested in finding a service, but it is not listed, do reach out to us. Our team of dedicated Singapore immigration experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

You should always be wary of pushy sales tactics or gimmicks when choosing immigration firms in Singapore. As one of the best immigration consultants in Singapore, The Immigration People provides price transparency through publishing our prices on our website instead of giving discounts or fluctuating fees.

Never fall for any pushy tactics, pressure sales or promises by another PR application agency. At The Immigration People, we let our actions and experience do the talking & provide a customised, tailored and specific approach for each individual client’s application.

You can find out more about the various immigration services we provide and as a Singapore immigration agency the cost of our professional services through this link.

Singapore's application or immigration process can be very complex, such as understanding immigration policies, screening process and lots of paperwork and documentation need to be submitted to ensure a smooth transition and positive outcome.

However, we will be here to guide you step by step in every aspect of making a successful application so that you can have peace of mind!

As a PR application agency in Singapore known for our transparency, we will be honest. The chances of approval for your application boil down to your eligibility and supporting documents. However, many applicants lack the insight or right advice on how to go through the procedures of the application process - leading to an unsuccessful application or worst, an unsuccessful appeal for their permanent residency application.

Engaging an immigration agency in Singapore such as TIP, allows us to access your suitability as a candidate with a detailed screening process followed providing you with the right tailored & professional advice for your application - as we understand that many of our clients may come from different backgrounds.