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Top 5 Mistakes People Make In Choosing An Immigration Consultant

JULY 21, 2020

Those who have been a permanent resident for a while, may consider this next step and apply for Singapore Citizenship

Falling for sales gimmicks

Pushy sales tactics or gimmicks may be used by some immigration firms. Examples may include:

  • Fluctuating fees according to applicant’s salary
  • Sign up fast and get a discount
  • Constant price cuts to entice you into signing up
  • Highly scripted sales pitch with sales kit
  • Highly scripted testimonials and photos

We advocate price transparency as such we are the first immigration agency in Singapore to list our publishing price on our website.

Believing in success rates claimed by the company

Some immigration consultancies may tout that they had “Over X % success rate!” Firstly, this gimmick is usually hard to prove and unlike in some regulated industries, bold marketing claims can simply be conjured out of thin air. No two applicants are entirely identical. There will be differences and variations amongst applicants in age, career path, background, education, training, etc. The ICA evaluates each candidate holistically. All your merits and shortcomings are assessed to see if it fits Singapore’s immigration need. Thus “Over X % success rate!” is a fallacy.

Contact us today!

Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Contact us today!

Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Only going for cheaper prices

It is important for you to compare prices first before you decide on an immigration consultancy. It does not mean that you should decide only based on price alone. If you simply choose the cheapest one, you could end up with one who will disappoint you.

Do you want to pay the cheapest and end up with:

  • Consultants who only gives you scant attention and lack of proper follow up
  • A mere form filler who only collates documents and assist in filling forms on your behalf
  • No real value-add or support given
  • Inexperienced consultants who have not handled many types of cases

Did not adequately compare choices

You need to compare all the choices before you finalise your decision. You can compare them based on detailed reviews they obtained online. You can also set up an initial consultation. Usually consultants offer this free. During the meeting, you can ask some questions regarding your case. Ask yourself if you are comfortable trusting the consultant, and you are satisfied with their responses regarding your case.

False impression of bigger companies = Better

You may think that a bigger company is more reputable. The truth is that big companies are always busy given the number of cases they handle. If you decide to go with them, you may not receive the personalized attention you need. You have to wait your turn with lots of other clients. They take on all comers, a mass market approach. Some may have multiple layers in their organization attending to you. A salesperson will pass you onto a case manager, then onto backend personnel, so on and so forth. You are treated assembly-line style like a mere product in a factory. Remember, the ones working on your case are still the individual employees. It matters little how big a company is. Make your decision based on how comfortable you are with the consultant, evaluate their claims and what they can offer. Do not compromise or settle just because someone can promise you a success rate (the actual approval is decided only by the Government) or if they’re pushing you to sign up without your best interests in mind, all those are red flags!

We, at The Immigration People choose our clients. If we believe you stand a very low chance of attaining Singapore PR or Citizenship, we will not take your case, and waste your money. 100% Transparency, No Hidden Fees.

Watch the video below to better understand why we reject some of our clients.

Immigration hopefuls will have to be extremely sure-footed in the next/first try in their application. Take the preliminary assessment here

Contact our experienced immigration consultants to arrange for a complimentary private 1-1 consultation. Before that, do check out our video on: what will you be expecting during the consultation?

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