This two minute evaluation is built on more than a decade of immigration knowledge, is supported by algorithms that adds and subtracts points from your profile overview – a much needed reality check in the absence of a point-based immigration system. It requires about two minutes to complete. Although the result is not an official indication of your actual outcome of application with the Authorities, it should lay the foundation in your decision-making.

Do you want to apply for Citizenship or Permanent Residency?

1. How long have you been a PR?

2. Are your direct family members (spouse and children under 21) PRs as well?

3. Are you applying for Citizenship as a family?

4. Your monthly salary

5. Industry of Occupation

6. Have you participated in any community work in Singapore?

7. Origin

Are you married to Singapore PR or Citizen

1. What Pass are you holding?

2. Your monthly salary

3. Number of Years Residing and Working in Singapore

4. Highest qualification level

5. How old are you?

6. Industry of Occupation

7. Origin

1. How long have you been married?

2. Do you have children together?

3. Sponsor (Singaporean / PR) monthly Salary

4. Applicant’s length of stay in Singapore

5. Is the applicant working in Singapore?

6. Does the applicant has any community involvement in Singapore?

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A detailed description of your profile evaluation by our Immigration Consultants will be emailed to you, on top of the scores determined by our system. The Singapore PR application process is a cumbersome and complicated process and there is never one deciding factor.

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