Named e-PPA (e-Preliminary Profile Analysis), this test, built on a decade of immigration knowledge, is supported by algorithms that add/subtract points from your profile overview – a much needed reality check in the absence of a point-based immigration system. It requires about two minutes to complete and although the result is not an official indication of your actual outcome of application with the Authorities, it should lay the foundation in your decision-making.

What Pass are you holding:

Work Permit


Employment Pass (EP)

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

Number of Years Residing and Working in Singapore

<6 months

6 months > 2 years

2 years to 4 years

>4 years

Highest qualification level




<21 years old

21-30 years old

31-40 years old

>40 years old


South East Asians

Other Asians


Industry of Occupation

Construction / Manufacturing / Food & Beverage / Tourism

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology / Healthcare / Logistics / Casino / Education / Trading / Marine / Oil & Gas / Consumer Businesses / Professional Services

Aerospace / Finance / Technology / Energy & Chemicals / Info & Communications Technology / Urban Solutions & Sustainability


Fixed Monthly Salary (Per Household)

< $3,600

$3,601 - $6,000

$6,001 - $12,000

> $12,001

Size of Family


Couple, no children

Family, with at least one child


South East Asians

Other Asians


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This is for our Immigration Consultants to study your profile better, assuming it is updated of course!

Any other remarks?

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A detailed description of your profile evaluation by our Immigration Consultants will be emailed to you, on top of the scores determined by our system. The Singapore PR application process is a cumbersome and complicated process and there is never one deciding factor.

The results obtained from this e-preliminary profile analysis will provide an indication of your eligibility. It Is not an approval from ICA for your PR application. ICA has the full discretion to the approval of your PR application after you have submitted your application together with the required supporting documents. The Immigration People will not be held responsible nor liable for the end result produced by this preliminary profile analysis and also for any legal consequences as a result of relying solely on the information provided by this check.