SME award 2020
SME award 2020
SME award 2020
SME award 2020

Understanding the Singapore Immigration landscape seminar organised by our financial consultant partners.

The Immigration People’s Singapore immigration seminar

Although not mandatory, having the right insurance for yourself or your family is a contributing factor to a successful Singapore Citizenship or PR application.

Working together with our trusted financial consultant partners, the seminars organised cover the following:

  • The must-dos on how to secure your PR or Citizenship status by having proper medical/life/retirement/investment insurance or educational insurance for your children.
  • Understanding the Singapore immigration landscape and what is missing in your Citizenship or PR application.

Do you want to hear more about the importance of insurance for a successful Singapore Citizenship or PR application or understand more about the immigration process in general?

Or are you a financial consultant keen on providing more value for your foreign clients? Let's discuss.

The Immigration People’s Singapore immigration seminar

Complimentary One-on-One Private Consultation

Online one-on-one consultation with The Immigration People

During the consultation, we assess your case in detail to understand more about you, your family, your background and so on before providing a personalised strategy to increase your chance in obtaining a Singapore Citizenship or PR approval.

We strive to identify every considerable aspect of your application through the eyes of the reviewing officers behind the curtains of ICA – what is Singapore to you, why and how you would fit into Singapore.

A successful candidate is no longer only about age, income, educational background or ethnicity.

PR approvals are now based on a complex combination of a lot of different factors that includes how you can fill in the gaps to make Singapore strive.

The Immigration People’s one-hour one-on-one consultation is complimentary. Since the beginning of Covid ’19, we introduced online consultation via Zoom as well.

Whether you like to come down to our office physically or by Zoom, we will be happy to accommodate. Book an appointment today!