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We transform lives through successful Singapore PR / Citizenship application.

Together we have

More than 15 years collective experience in immigration consultancy

More than 15 years collective experience in immigration consultancy industry

ex-ICA and ex-Ministry officers with an insatiable hunger to better themselves every day for every client,

First-hand immigration knowledge from ex-ICA officers

Of course, taking that step can be intimidating, Too much information from so many sources. Perhaps you are sceptical You might have been rejected before, You might even have met unethical immigration consultants. We hear you. You are not alone in this journey.

Want to live in Singapore for good?

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Our Story

A bit of background on how we got here...

Hi, My name is Kay ...

This is a 1-1 private and comprehensive session with our experienced consultants to understand your background

My name is Kay and my life in Singapore started out from being an Employment Pass (EP) holder.

I was born in a below average family in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to be able to explore the world used to be my biggest dream. Hence in 2011, I joined Singapore Airlines (SIA) as a cabin crew and moved to Singapore on EP.

I have to say, my time with SIA is one of the best memories of my whole life as I grew so much as an individual and as a professional.

However, after flying for 5 years, I got drained and I did not want to spend another moment being away from my young child and family.

Because I love the people in my life, there is so much more I want to give and do for them.

That is why, bringing families together, turning their migration dreams into reality, is my way of making an impact to the world, no matter how small it may seem.

Today, I am running The Immigration People. It is aligned to my dreams and my personal goal: of wanting to help expats who have been in my shoes.

I credit where I am today, to my status as a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).

I want to help the foreigners who love Singapore and wish to call this country home. Not just for themselves, but also to give their loved ones a permanent place here in Singapore.

I'm Kay, mother to one lovely boy, Singapore Immigration Expert and Mompreneur. And I bring families together in Singapore.

Hi, I'm Elena ...

Along with our trusted Corporate Secretary / Accounting partners, we will assist you to incorporate a company

I began my meaningful career in Singapore inbound immigration in the 2014 and have never looked back.

Although I'm born a Singapore citizen, my mom is actually an immigrant and I have personally witnessed how her status has transformed from first being a Work Pass holder, then to a Permanent Resident and finally, a Citizen, all when I was growing up.

This is part of the reason why I'm able to resonate with my clients when I am listening to their stories and understood their desire of wanting to obtain a permanent status in Singapore.

I respect and appreciate that every individual and family who came and placed their trust in me, do not see me as just any other service provider, but as someone who fights for their immigration dreams and believe that they deserve a fair chance in their applications.

We are an extremely powerful team of individuals put together to bring the best, personalized service to all of our clients.

Why We Do What We Do

We are an extremely powerful team of individuals put together to bring the best, personalized service to all of our clients.

Powerful Team Of Individuals

We want to be different in this industry by being,
Honest and transparent.
No sales gimmicks, just fair pricing.
We want to help people like you, who are equally passionate about Singapore, and their
Families, realise their dreams to make our Singapore Home.