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This industry is currently not regulated. You might get misrepresented or conned by unethical immigration agencies.


The work pass (Spass / EP) regulations are getting more stringent due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Singapore targets to increase her population to 6.9 million by 2030. This will be achieved through immigration, by converting Foreign to Local Talents


Annual Quota for new Permanent Residents (PRs) stands at 30,000 while new Citizens stand at 22,000. Singapore chooses her residents very carefully.


You need to know the parameters of consideration for Singapore PR / Citizenship application


Watch our videos as Kay and Elena break down the complex immigration process for you.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover & Gain Watching Our Videos Series

1. Insights

Insights on Singapore Immigration Landscape for New PRs and Citizens

2. Top Parameters of Consideration

Top Parameters of Consideration by the Singapore Government for PR and Citizenship candidates

3. Top common mistakes

Top common mistakes made by applicants so you may avoid the mistakes when you apply for yours!

4. Top malpractices

Top malpractices in the immigration industry to watch out for so you do not end up as one of the many victims.

case studies
5. Case studies

Kay and Elena will share exactly what TIP can do for you and some real-life case studies of successful stories

Meet Kay and Elena, your Instructors for this Video Series


Hi, My name is Kay ...

My name is Kay and my life in Singapore started out from being an Employment Pass (EP) holder.

I was born in a below average family in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to be able to explore the world used to be my biggest dream. Hence in 2011, I joined Singapore Airlines (SIA) as a cabin crew and moved to Singapore on EP.

I have to say, my time with SIA is one of the best memories of my whole life as I grew so much as an individual and as a professional.


Hi, I'm Elena ...

I began my meaningful career in Singapore inbound immigration in the 2014 and have never looked back.

Although I'm born a Singapore citizen, my mom is actually an immigrant and I have personally witnessed how her status has transformed from first being a Work Pass holder, then to a Permanent Resident and finally, a Citizen, all when I was growing up.

This is part of the reason why I'm able to resonate with my clients when I am listening to their stories and understood their desire of wanting to obtain a permanent status in Singapore.


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testi-cerdik left-quote

Excellent service!!! Very detail and full knowledge of what is required. highly recommended!!!

Thank you TIP!!!


harsono-cahyadi left-quote

Very professional, dedicated, totality, supportive. I highly recommend them if you seek a help to settle any of your immigration matter. In my personal experience, the way they work is different - no puffery advertising, no over-promising, no bluffing. I do gained their supports during the whole processs. They are here to really help and they do it with hight integrity. Price? If you can still buy your food/cloth without burden whether next month you will have financial issue, I would say their fee won't dry out your pocket. They are well worth it. Last, but not least I want to thank Kay and TIP team for helping me. I am positive next time if I need other help I will definitely be back to them.

Harsono Cahyadi

priya left-quote

I applied for my PR through the Immigration People and they have been excellent in ensuring everything was done professionally and smoothly. It has been a pleasure working with them and my PR application was processed in less than 4 months, thanks to the effort of the Immigration People. Thanks Ivee and Kay!

Priyadarshini Thillainathan

roy j b left-quote

I came to know about TIP through a seminar organized by Prudential last year. They are very professional and had close follow up with me to successfully submit all documents as per the schedule planning. Finally combined efforts paid off and we received our PR approval last week within 7 months of submission...Thanks a lot Kay for your guidance!!!

Roy Jagadendu Basu

johnathan left-quote

TIP was not introduced to me nor was i referred by anyone. Just so happen that i wanted to apply for PR in Singapore, and i chanced upon Kay Cheong who was my ex-colleague and from there onwards, i knew that my application will be done flawlessly. I did not hesitate when she briefed me through the details and process of the application, and agreed immediately. Despite us being ex-colleagues, Kay explained all points and the requirements professionally. The TIP team did a good job providing prompt response and were meticulous in ensuring the documents are all in order. Their services are way above and beyond. Thank you TIP! Job well done!

Jonathan Lim