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We know the process of sponsoring your foreign-born spouse for Permanent Residency can be overwhelming.

In general, obtaining Singapore Permanent Residence can be challenging in a competitive immigration landscape. The approval for your spouse's PR application is not guaranteed, but preparation and knowledge can significantly ease your journey!

With our guide, you can learn what steps to take when applying for your spouse's Singapore PR to maximise your chances of success and confidently settle in Singapore.

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What You Should Know About the PR Application for Your Spouse in Singapore

If both of you are not Singapore Permanent Resident, or Singapore citizen, you and your spouse will have to apply together as a family unit and be assessed for Singapore PR on your merits via any of the following schemes:

  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme
  • Business Relocation
  • Foreign Artistic Talent (ForArts) Scheme
  • Global Investor Programme GIP

*Note that Work Permit holders are ineligible to apply for Singapore PR.

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Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Contact us today!

Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Is Your Spouse Eligible for Singapore PR?

Living in Singapore on a Work Pass and Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) are excellent choices, but having your spouse hold a PR status will give them far more benefits and government subsidies in Singapore, like the ability to purchase an HDB resale flat, have better medical subsidies and gain access to the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

If you are a Singapore PR or Citizen, the recommended path for your legally married spouse to obtain a Singapore PR status is through the sponsored scheme. Common law spouses are ineligible to apply via this route.

Additionally, the sponsored scheme path to obtain Singapore permanent resident status is limited to your spouse and your unmarried children below 21 years of age, born within the context of a legal marriage or legally adopted.

Evaluating Qualification for Singapore Permanent Resident Status for Your Spouse

Although sponsored by a Singapore citizen or PR, both profiles will be evaluated holistically.

It's crucial to be meticulous when applying for PR for your spouse and ensure that your profile is substantial too.

Although there is no point system to determine the success of a Singapore PR application, some essential influencing factors are involved during the assessment process that should be well considered.

There are five factors to consider when sponsoring Singapore PR for your spouse include the following:

  1. Family ties & connection
  2. Family profile
  3. Social integration
  4. Professional achievement
  5. Economic contributions

Family Ties & Connection

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) places great importance on social cohesion and family connections, considering them indicators of an applicant's commitment to Singapore and ability to integrate into the local community.

In the eyes of ICA, those with family members who are already residing in Singapore as permanent residents or citizens would be able to assimilate easier into Singapore society.

Family Profile

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The longer a couple has been married, the better their chances of a successful application.

Based on our experience, a three-year duration is an ideal duration of marriage for the sponsored scheme. The advantage is to foreign spouses who are already LTVP+ holders.

For context, the LTVP+ status is only eligible for the foreign spouse who has been married to a Singapore PR or Singapore citizen for at least three years, or they must have a Singaporean child (a child born in Singapore).

The family profile would also mean the number of children the couple has, legally theirs. For those planning to get children of their own, the chances for you are not necessarily lower.

You can still prove your strong interest in starting a family, and ICA will evaluate the other aspects of your profile.

Social Integration

As a proud multi-cultural nation, Singapore emphasises social harmony within its diverse population. Applicants who contribute positively to society and integrate well with the local community are favoured.

How can you and your spouse show that you have made efforts to be a part of Singapore?

Screenshot of a donation and volunteering website,
Screenshot of a donation and volunteering website,

You can commit some time to volunteering in local organisations or donate regularly to known charities in Singapore.

Having recommendation letters from locals would help your profiles significantly as well.

Couples who have worked and resided in Singapore for a more extended period may have the upper hand, as you would have fitted into the local culture better over the time spent here.

Professional Achievements

Demonstrating a solid career background and significant accomplishments within one's field can increase the likelihood of a successful PR application. The ICA values applicants who can positively contribute to Singapore's economy and maintain a financially stable lifestyle for their families.

They pay close attention to your income trajectories, where a consistent upward trend signifies career progression, the potential for further growth, and the ability to contribute to Singapore's economic development.

The ICA also considers earnings from multiple sources, such as investments, freelance work, or part-time jobs, which can demonstrate an applicant's financial standing and resourcefulness, reflecting positively on their PR application.

A foreign spouse on a work pass like Employment Pass (EP) may have a stronger profile than a foreign spouse coming in as a homemaker.

Economic Contributions

Applicants who exhibit a steady increase in their income, strong earnings, and solid financial stability are more likely to be granted PR status.

Those working in high-demand industries or sectors, such as technology, finance, healthcare, or research and development, are more likely to be considered favourably, as these sectors align with Singapore's economic priorities.

The ICA also values applicants with specialised skills, expertise, or knowledge that can contribute to Singapore's economic growth and global competitiveness. Proficiency in areas with high demand for skilled professionals can enhance PR application chances.

5 factors to consider when sponsoring Singapore PR for your spouse

Alternatively, your foreign spouse may apply for permanent residency on their own merits if they are an S Pass, EP, PEP or ONE pass holder. Foreigners with a work pass status who have worked here for at least six months would be eligible to apply for Singapore PR under the PTS scheme.

In such cases, while you do not act as their sponsor, you are expected to provide certain documents during the application process as their spouse and will consider your relationship when making their decision like

  • The stability and length of your marriage,
  • The financial ability of each spouse, and
  • The presence of children in the family.


Read to apply for Singapore PR? Take out the guesswork. Don't miss our free checklist to help you stay on track


Read to apply for Singapore PR? Take out the guesswork. Don't miss our free checklist to help you stay on track

How To Apply PR For Spouse: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Gather All Required Documents

Compile the necessary documents for both you and your spouse, including:

  • Valid passports and photocopies of passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates for any children (if any)
  • Identity Cards for both the applicant and the sponsor
  • Educational certificates and professional qualifications
  • Employment letters, payslips, and income tax assessments for the past six months
  • For self-employed individuals: A valid Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) registration certificate and the company's Profit and Loss Statement for the past 12 months.
  • A passport-sized photograph taken within the last three months

Ensure all documents are in English, accompanied by an official translation, and notarised!

Step 2: Prepare Your Spouse's Profile

As a Singapore citizen or PR spouse, your partner's background, education, and work experience will be evaluated.

Refer to the five factors we shared earlier and provide a comprehensive profile for your spouse that is worth noting to ICA on top of the mandatory information, like their professional achievements and potential contributions to Singapore's society and economy.

Step 3: Complete The Application Form

Fill out and submit your completed application form via the e-Services portal on ICA’s official website. Submitted applications are subject to a non-refundable processing fee of S$100.

Step 4: Download A PDF Copy Of Your Application

Download and electronically sign the soft copy/PDF format of the application.

Step 5: Monitor The Application Status

Regularly check its status on the ICA website via the "Enquire Application Status" function. The processing time for PR applications may vary, so be patient and be prepared to wait several months for a decision.

We do not recommend that you call or email ICA to ask about your application status.

Step 6: Address Any Issues Or Missing Documents

Respond promptly if the ICA requests additional information or documents during the application process to avoid further delays. Provide the requested information or documents as soon as possible.


Applying for a permanent residence for your spouse in Singapore can seem challenging, but it is achievable with perseverance, proper preparation and the right approach, you can successfully secure PR for your spouse and continue building a life together in Singapore.

Remember to gather all the necessary documents, including a cover letter and present a strong case that showcases your spouse's contributions and potential value to Singapore.

There are ways for you to ensure you put your best foot forward, especially for professional Singapore immigration consultants like us.

Do you need more help getting a Singapore permanent residence status for your spouse?

Have you been rejected before, and are you worried you would be wasting time applying a second time?

For more information on how The Immigration People can assist with submitting a 100% error-free Singapore PR application form and maximise your foreign spouse's chances of PR approval, take the first step by taking our e-preliminary assessment.

You may also book a one-hour consultation with our team to learn more.

For more information on how The Immigration People can assist with submitting a 100% error-free Singapore PR application form and maximise your foreign spouse's chances of PR approval, take the first step by taking our e-preliminary assessment.

You may also book a one-hour consultation with our team to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions On Singapore PR Application For Spouse

Can an LTVP holder apply for Singapore PR?

The foreign spouse of a Singapore PR or citizen who is an LTVP holder can apply for Singapore PR under the sponsored scheme.

A married EP holder and LTVP holder couple can also apply for Singapore PR, with the EP holder being the main applicant.

ICA will evaluate each PR application fairly. Want to know your eligibility chances? Let us calculate for you:

The success rate for spouse PR applications in Singapore varies based on numerous factors, such as the applicant's qualifications, financial standing, and family ties. The ICA does not release specific success rates, as each application is assessed case by case.

Your spouse can work in Singapore while waiting for the PR application outcome if they have a valid work pass, such as an Employment Pass or S Pass.

No, your spouse does not need to be physically present in Singapore throughout the entire application process. However, if the ICA requires, they may need to be in Singapore for certain stages, such as submitting biometrics or attending an interview.

Your spouse's children from a previous marriage can apply for PR if they have legal custody over them. You will need to provide custody documents in the PR application.

The ICA will assess their eligibility based on the child's age, relationship with the applicant, and financial support.

Yes, after obtaining permanent residency status, your spouse can look forward to applying for Singapore Citizenship.

The selection criteria for a Singapore Citizenship application are much stricter.

They must meet minimum eligibility criteria, which typically include being a PR for at least two years and not losing the PR status due to a case of an expired Re-Entry Permit (REP).

But before considering citizenship status, we encourage keen applicants to ensure that they consistently demonstrate good character, have strong family ties, and are well financially.

From our experience handling PR applications for adult male applicants (typically in their 30s and above) under Sponsored Spouse Scheme, they are generally exempted from the National Service as they are not suitable for full-time NS at that age and did not enjoy any benefits before their PR.

Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, unless exempted*, must serve National Service (NS). NS-liable persons are required to register for NS upon reaching 16 and a half years old and will be scheduled for enlistment at the earliest opportunity upon reaching 18 years old.

Deferment from NS for university studies will not be granted regardless of whether such studies have begun. Those pursuing full-time GCE ‘A’ Level or Polytechnic Diploma studies (or equivalent) may be granted deferment if they meet the deferment conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Defence.

*All male applicants must access for information on NS deferment, the pre-enlistment process and Exit Permit requirements before proceeding with the application.

Yes, your spouse can maintain their foreign citizenship after obtaining Singapore PR.

However, if your spouse later decides to apply for and is granted the Singapore citizenship status, they must renounce their original citizenship, as Singapore does not allow dual citizenship.

No, a job offer is not a strict requirement for a Singapore permanent residency application under the sponsored scheme.

However, having a job or a job offer in Singapore can strengthen your spouse's PR application, demonstrating their ability to contribute to the local economy and support themselves and their family.

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