• Choosing a reliable and trustworthy immigration firm is crucial when navigating a complex immigration process.
  • With careful preparation and informed decision-making, you can have peace of mind and a positive immigration experience.
  • Unfortunately, some immigration firms resort to deceptive practices, misrepresenting information and making false promises.
  • To choose the right immigration firm, you should research and check their credentials, discuss your case and compare the quality of service first.
  • The Immigration People is a reputable immigration firm that provides tailored immigration solutions and professional services.

Singapore has become an attractive destination for individuals looking to start a new life or pursue better opportunities. With its strong economy and high standard of living, it's no wonder why so many people are considering making Singapore their country of choice.

Navigating the immigration process can be overwhelming, especially if you're unfamiliar with the laws and regulations. Foreign investors, business owners and skilled professionals expect professional advice for their Singapore immigration matters and resolve complex immigration issues.

That's where immigration consultants come in. But with so many options, how do you choose the right one?

Unfortunately, we have heard many stories of deceptive tactics used to secure clients. These little ''white lies'' may initially seem harmless but can affect your time, money and hope for a positive outcome.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy immigration firm is crucial when navigating a complex immigration process. Professional consultants should be able to:

  • Professionally guide you in every step of the application stage,
  • Prepare your error-free documents,
  • Come up with effective immigration solutions to increase your application approval rate.

This article discusses the three steps you should take to choose a good Singapore immigration consultant. We also shed some light on common lies and how you can avoid falling for these gimmicks and identify untrustworthy ones.

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Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Contact us today!

Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Common Deceptive Tactics to Avoid

The truth is, there will always be bad eggs.

In an unregulated industry, it's unfortunate that some immigration firms will resort to deceptive practices, misrepresenting information and making false promises.

From excessive success rates to misleading guarantees, we delve into tactics to lure unsuspecting individuals into their web of deception - some of which you may have heard or encountered before.

'99.9% Approval Rate'

Screenshot of a Singapore Permanent Resident application advertisement ran by company
Screenshot of a Singapore Permanent Resident application advertisement ran by company 'x'

A statement that used to be more boldly advertised: Guarantee of essentially a 100% approval rate.

No immigration consultancy firm can ever guarantee application approvals, as the decision is only in the hands of the ICA.

As immigration professionals ourselves, this is something that we often emphasise to our clients - we are not in the position to influence or guarantee approval.

'Early bird' Discount or Huge Discounts on Instant Sign-Up

'Sometimes, when things are too good to be true, they usually are.

Most immigration agencies offer a free consultation. But what follows after matters makes the difference - like an irresistible offer only if you sign up immediately.

Screenshot of a Google review left on company 'y'
Screenshot of a Google review left on company 'y'

Some would massively inflate their service fee and end up slashing more than 70% off to deceive you into thinking you would give up a good offer.

It can be easy to be swayed by such tactics and be pressured to engage in their services.

'Special Connection' with ICA

Some immigration agencies may even claim they have a special 'connection' or so-called' relationship' or even 'arrangement' with the authorities. This is the most blatant of the lies and a big red flag.

Singapore has a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption is ranked the fifth least corrupted country in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2022. Accepting or offering bribes from any individual or entity is a severe offence.

In 2020, an ICA officer and her daughter were jailed for taking bribes from a woman who wanted her Permanent Residency (PR) application expedited. The daughter was a sales consultant from Immigration Solutions Singapore (ISS). She proposed using her 'ICA connection' to help expedite her PR application - which turned out to be her mother.

"Value Adding" By Using Obvious Templates & unlimited tries till approval

Some immigration agencies would promise to strengthen your approval chances by preparing personalised cover letters or other supporting documents and extra services, such as helping you craft a better resume or other documents.

The untrustworthy ones may use mere templates - which provide little value-add to one's PR application. Sadly, poor quality of additional documents can only be seen when you have engaged the wrong one. It is not uncommon to hear about this. A client of ours shared his story:

In recent years, we have seen a new claim: 'unlimited tries till approval'.

While you can make numerous attempts when applying for your PR, disguising unlimited number of tries as a valuable service to clients is actually inefficient and time-consuming. Consider the scenario where an agency needs to assist a single client submit their PR application multiple times. After a while, the agency will be reusing the same set of documents for the application with no true value-add. Now, imagine that you are only one of the many hundreds of clients they serve!


Read to apply for Singapore PR? Take out the guesswork. Don't miss our free checklist to help you stay on track


Read to apply for Singapore PR? Take out the guesswork. Don't miss our free checklist to help you stay on track

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Singapore Immigration Specialists

Now that we've covered the deceptive tactics to avoid, let's go over the most important aspect of this article: The three steps to successfully choose the right immigration firm in Singapore.

With numerous agencies offering their range of immigration services, it is essential to proceed cautiously and undertake the necessary steps to make an informed decision.

By following these steps, individuals can mitigate risks and increase their chances of a positive and reliable immigration experience.

Step 1: Do Your Research and Check Their Credentials

Start by researching reputable immigration consultancy firms online. Look at their websites and social media pages to learn more about their services and experience.

Carlo's Singapore PR success story testimonial screenshot
One of The Immigration People's client testimonial video on YouTube

Reading an immigration company's reviews and client testimonials from previous clients is one of the ways to understand a rough gauge of the company's in-depth knowledge, reliability, and professionalism.

Customer satisfaction reviews can help you determine whether they can deliver reliable services, while consistent negative Google reviews can alert you to potential red flags.

It is essential to look out for both, as even reputable firms, may not provide good services as expected.

Also, note that Google reviews should not be the only metric of your evaluation, as fake accounts can be created to boost positive reviews.

You may even find helpful insights from expatriate forums!

You can also ask family and friends for recommendations. If possible, contact those who have engaged an immigration agency before. It would help you get an insider perspective.

Step 2: Discuss Your Case and Compare Quality of Service

Once you have read through the reviews and gathered more information, you should have narrowed it down to about three to five firms. It is time to go more in-depth with your choices.

Companies can try to offer the same services, but it is challenging to fake expertise and extensive experience.

The Immigration People's consultation session with a prospect

Most immigration agencies offer free consultations. Use the consultation time to evaluate your immigration consultant. Pay attention to how they interact with you. Use these questions to guide your evaluation.

  • Do they have extensive knowledge of Singapore immigration laws?
  • Are they listening to understand your profile and circumstances?
  • Are they keen to evaluate your past rejection(s), if you have?
  • Or are they being pushy and are more interested in making you sign with them?
  • Is the advice/solution shared generic or tailored to your situation?

Hard-selling tactics should be a red flag and indicate that they are not genuinely interested in helping you but pushing their agenda.

Be bold and enquire about fees, services, and timelines during the consultation session. It is also helpful to enquire about any additional fees or charges involved. Understanding all the costs associated with engaging an immigration consultancy firm is vital in decision-making.

A reliable agency should also be able to provide comprehensive services at every stage of the application process and offer solutions to any unforeseen problems.

You can even ask the consultant about how many successful clients they have personally assisted!

Step 3: Choose the Right Immigration Agency

Once you have gathered all the necessary information and are convinced that the chosen immigration consultant can assist your application well, it is time to take the next step!

Ensure all details, including fees and timelines, are agreed upon in writing. All communication should be documented for future reference.

The Immigration People: Providing Transparent and Tailored Immigration Solutions

The Immigration People team photo in office

There are no shortcuts to providing professional services.

Our primary goal at The Immigration People (TIP) is not solely on profit-making but on acting in the best interest of our prospects and clients by:

  • Evaluating their profiles thoroughly for eligibility checks purposes.
  • Providing them with effective immigration solutions.
  • Develop the right strategies to increase their approval chances.

We maintain a solid commitment to integrity and adhere to a strict code of conduct and business ethics to ensure that our operations are conducted ethically.

Aside from being the few who publicly display our service prices, we are also the first Singapore immigration firm that provides tips and insights on Singapore immigration matters on YouTube.

With over 25 years of collective experience, the TIP team is equipped with first-hand immigration knowledge from ex-ICA and ex-ministry officers and excellent service. We are known to go the extra mile for our clients, as seen from our 5-star Google reviews.

As experts in immigration matters, we believe in providing honest feedback and painting a realistic picture, even for prospects with a smaller chance of success, rather than giving false hope. We advise them to build up their profile first, and if they need our assistance in the future, we are confident that their application will reach its fullest potential.

Ultimately, our success lies in the successful applications of our clients!


Singapore's iconic landmarks

There are a lot of debates about the trustworthiness of immigration consultants, understandably. Or even doubts about the value that they can provide.

In the immigration industry, not every company is an expert.

Researching and comparing their services is the first and most important step.

Sometimes, our desire to attain the Singapore PR or Citizenship status may cloud our judgement to choose correctly. It may also be because of time constrain.

Choosing the right immigration agency in Singapore is a critical decision with long-term implications.

Look out for deceptive tactics and do not fall for their scheme. With careful preparation and informed decision-making, you can have peace of mind and a positive immigration experience like many of our successful customers!

Frequently Asked Questions on 3 Steps to Choosing Good Immigration Consultants in Singapore

How Much Do Immigration Consultants Charge In Singapore?

The cost of hiring an immigration consultant in Singapore can vary depending on the visa application type, the complexity of your case, and the consultant's experience. However, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from S$1,000 to S$5,000 for their services.

Here are some factors that can affect the cost of hiring an immigration consultant in Singapore:

  • The type of service you need: Some applications, such as the Singapore Permanent Residency (PR), Singapore Citizenship and Global Investor Program (GIP), are more complex to prepare for. As a result, hiring a consultant to help you with those applications will cost more than assistance for a work visa application, such as S Pass or Employment Pass application.
  • The complexity of your case: If your case is complex, such as if you have a criminal record or have been denied entry to Singapore in the past, the cost of hiring a consultant will be higher as the team would most likely have to do more than what was typically required in their service package.
  • The experience of the consultant: More experienced consultants will typically charge more than less experienced consultants. However, you should be wary of consultants who charge significantly more than the market rate!

It is also important to note that while many consultants offer low-cost services, these may come at a price. Inexperienced consultants may not be familiar with immigration policies, often provide limited-service offerings and may be ineffective in providing comprehensive advice and strategies tailored to your circumstances.

It is advised to understand what you are getting for your money and to choose a reliable consultant who will provide comprehensive advice tailored to your circumstances.

The ease of immigration depends on your qualifications and circumstances.

The Singaporean government has set up different immigration options for foreigners, such as:

  • Global Investor Program (GIP) for foreign investors
  • Employment Pass for foreign business owners who relocate their business to Singapore
  • Work Pass applications such as Employment Pass, ONE Pass and Personalised Employment Pass for foreign professionals
  • Permanent Residence and Citizenship applications for those committed to staying in Singapore for the long term.

The application process for each program is quite different and requires a substantial amount of paperwork.

As such, it is crucial to seek the help of reliable immigration consultants in Singapore who can provide advice tailored to your circumstances.

They are the experts in immigration policies and can help you understand the eligibility requirements for each program and provide tips on how to increase your chances of approval. With their knowledge and experience, you can be assured that your application is in good hands.

One can detect a fraud immigration consultancy by doing the following:

  1. Research their credentials - An experienced and legitimate immigration consultant will be willing to provide information about their qualifications and past experiences.
  2. Check reviews - Read the bad Google reviews and find actual client testimonials. Doing so will allow you to get an idea of the consultant's level of professionalism and expertise.
  3. '99.9% approval rate' - In Singapore, no immigration consultancy firms can guarantee an approval rate. Only the ICA decides on applications' approval and rejection.
  4. Huge discount only upon instant sign-up - If the consultant can significantly reduce the fee for you within a short time, they probably inflated their price beforehand.

It is essential to do proper research and ask the right questions when selecting an immigration consultant.

Finally, ensure you know what services are included in your package and what additional costs may be incurred. A reputable and reliable immigration consultant should always provide honest and transparent advice.

An immigration consultant is an experienced and qualified professional who provides advice and step-by-step guidance to those wishing to migrate to a foreign country.

These immigration experts are knowledgeable on the various policies, regulations, procedures, and criteria related to immigration, making them well-equipped to help you through the process. Immigration consultants can provide tailored advice based on your circumstances and goals.

They also have access to resources to help make the immigration process smoother and more efficient. In addition, they may offer valuable advice on a range of services such as relocation, visa applications, and other related matters.

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