• kay kay
    kay kay

    Kay Cheong

    – Founder & Managing Director

    Professional - Kay started her career as a cabin crew working as an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines. After 5 years of serving clients from all nationalities, she developed an understanding and friendship with so many of them. She wanted a more settled job on the ground and in 2017, joined the immigration industry, she worked for an immigration consultancy firm and loved what she was able to do for her clients. She decided to make it my lifelong career. Not completely satisfied with the quality of services being provided and identifying things that could be done better Kay met her now business partner Elena in the previous company and felt she had found someone who shared the same dream. This led to the birth of The Immigration People, a company nurtured with her passion and hard work to deliver the very best to each client for Kay knows what the right residency status means to an individual.

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    Personal - Kay is passionate, energetic, consistent, and persistent. She makes sure each client gets represented in the best possible way. She has managed to forge partnerships to bring the whole spectrum of services to serve the diverse profiles of her clients.

    She loves to travel and visit new places, experience new cultures, and traditions. This could also be a reason why she is so comfortable interacting and bonding with people from such diverse backgrounds. She loves singing karaoke and her friendly and humorous chatters can brighten your day.

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  • elena elena

    Elena Kwa

    – Founder & Managing Director

    Professional - Elena started her career in this industry in Aug 2014. Her mother being a Malaysian had applied for her PR and subsequently Singapore Citizenship and even as a child Elena was fascinated by the whole process. Her interest in the industry grew as she witnessed how big an impact the right immigration status had on people and their lives. In her experience working in the Immigration Industry, she felt, the fact that this industry was not regulated left a lot of room for unscrupulous practices by companies that did not have the right values. After coming across a lot of people who had been conned, misrepresented, or charged inappropriately and did not even receive the services they paid for, Elena and her colleague & friend Kay, often had long discussions where they shared the desire to be able to serve all clients the right way. Through their discussions, they crystalized the idea of a company with certain values and missions and these discussions paved the way for TIP.

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    Personal - She loves taking care of her two beautiful cats. Her love for Japan will never dwindle. She can speak in Japanese and can read mangas into the wee hours of the night.

    In the little spare time that she gets she likes to listen to music while she whisks up a yummy meal. She enjoys reading a book, or just reads online.

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    elena elena
  • jocelyn joceyln


    – Senior Immigration Consultant

    Professional - Jocelyn Sua, is a Senior Immigration Consultant with over 3 years of experience in Singapore immigration. Having handled a few hundred clients Jocelyn wins the confidence of her clients with her deep knowledge and sharp analytical skills. With a great combination of honesty and cognitive skills, Jocelyn analyses each profile well to present the best strategies and sees through the whole set of services delivered to each of her clients. Keeping her clients totally satisfied and always updated is high on her agenda. It is probably these qualities that are appreciated so much by her clients.

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    Personal - There is nothing she enjoys more than sitting with her favourite cup of bubble milk tea in front of a Television and binge-watching her favourite series on Netflix. The world of fantasy is her refreshing retreat.

    jocelyn joceyln
  • sheryl sheryl
    sheryl sheryl


    – Senior Documents Controller & Quality Assurance Officer

    Professional - With more than 4 years of experience in the Immigration Industry and a keen eye for quality Sheryl is rightly our Senior Documents Controller and Quality Assurance Officer. She keeps a strict check on all the documents and Operating Procedures. While constantly working towards improving and making the systems more efficient, Sheryl uses her vast experience and exposure to structure each profile most appropriately. She works hard to keep both online and offline processes updated.

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    Personal - Do not be misled by the quiet demeanor of this badass gamer. In her free time, you will find her sharpening her senses by playing games on her specialized computer. Working quietly sitting in a corner you will typically not even notice her until you raise an issue and that is when you see the depth of her knowledge and experience.

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  • liyah liyah


    – Senior Documents Controller

    Professional - Liyah, is a Senior Documents Controller and has been with The Immigration People team since the very beginning, her clients find her friendly and approachable as much as they appreciate her professionalism. Working in the Immigration industry since early 2018, Liyah has a huge number of cases to her credit. She has handled some of the complex cases and managed to prepare all the documentation to the highest standards even for the complex or expedited cases. Behind her friendly face is a very professional, sharp, and prompt person.

    Personal - Liyah can set you cracking with her funny jokes. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her motorcycle in a large group and having fun. She enjoys spending time with her furbabies and has a great affinity for the feline family. Her hobbies include trying out new dishes she finds on YouTube. Her first love will always be seafood!

    liyah liyah
  • elieen elieen
    elieen elieen


    – Senior Immigration Consultant

    Professional - Elieen has six years of extensive experience in the industry. She has worked with various firms and got attracted to The Immigration People because of its leadership and policies like transparency and professionalism. Elieen is sharp and quick to analyse and spot the weak points in a profile. Her experience makes her assessment pertinent and effective. The solutions offered by her can help strengthen your profile for an effective representation to the ICA.

    Personal - Elieen is a person who loves travelling and visiting new places. When travelling to these new places you will seldom find her in the outdoors, she will land up in some shopping mall and indulge in her favourite pass time – Shopping!
    Yes, this quite yet sharp lady loves to shop and can spend all her spare time doing so. She finds the love and loyalty of a dog very pleasing and is a dog person. You can surely win her with a box of fine chocolates!

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  • glendi glendi


    – Senior Documents Controller

    Professional - Glendi is a soft-spoken and very courteous Documents Controller with a great sense of humour, Glendi with her keen visual sense can assess and evaluate each document with great accuracy. Her clients love her for being dedicated to accuracy and perfection. Glendi started her career in the immigration industry and has vast experience dealing with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for work passes and other related cases.

    Personal - With an acute sensitivity towards people and their emotions, Glendi is someone who enjoys staying late in bed over the weekends catching up on her sleep. When the weather is nice she enjoys long walks in nature parks. For her cycling is fun too. If you sense whiffs of freshly baked goodies near her house, it is probably because Glendi is using her oven. She loves to sing along to her favourite songs.

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    glendi glendi
  • suummi suummi
    suummi suummi


    – Human Resource and Admin Executive

    Professional - With experience in IT, Human resources, and training, Suummi manages the full spectrum of Human Resources for the company and helps to keep all employees functioning at their best. Coordinating and managing the functioning of all employees, she loves to see happy faces working to the best of their ability. As the HR, she deals with employee relations and workforce management, developing a close-knit workplace culture within the organization. Aside from having the hard skills of a HR, Suummi also possesses the social ability to connect with people from all walks of life, regardless of their colour or status. Suummi has forged strong relationships with not only her colleagues, but with clients and vendors too. The team also relies on her strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate our brand’s image, value, vision and mission to all our stakeholders, clients, partners and vendors.

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    Personal - She likes to go cycling to the beach at night or enjoy a lovely sunrise by the beach. Music and people are her passion. She loves to party with her friends as much as she likes to spend quiet mornings meditating. The canine family has her undying devotion, and she loves spending time with her loyal pet, a rescued Singapore Special.

  • joyce joyce


    – Marketing Executive

    Professional - Joyce handles the Marketing campaigns and interfaces. Armed with more than 10 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, Joyce has also worked on transforming her marketing style to ride on the digital wave. An amalgamation of her past traditional marketing experience and the new world digital marketing tools gives her the ability to catapult the marketing campaign at TIP She enjoys learning new things and would like to grow and bring in new players to continue the digital transformation to her workplace.

    Personal - She appreciates new modern art, enjoys readings books on history. She loves watching the new releases and that’s her way to unwind. Watching movies inspires her and it fires her up with new ideas be it for work or life.

    joyce joyce