Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Engage Your Consultancy Firm When I can Do It On My Own? FAQ arrow
Least effort, maximum results

An application is not what it seems, such as form filling, ensuring relevant documents are translated, and having enough relevant supporting documentation. There are easily more than ten different aspects of your entire profile that the Government will assess. There is also a handful of additional ones unbeknownst to the general public as they were only implemented in late 2019. Through our connections and vast knowledge, we can recommend you different agencies or organizations to contribute both time and effort as part of your case-building for PR/Citizenship application. No time wasted on trying to figure out which would be the best fit for your profile. We will also provide viable solutions to every assessable aspect of your life here in Singapore within the sights of consideration of the reviewing authorities. These strategic solutions will ensure yours and your family's profile is/are cleverly angled to showcase its fullest potential to the reviewing authorities where necessary. Strategizing is vital in your case-building process, and that is what we do best. Do not leave an essential matter like your PR/Citizenship application to chance.

Contact us today!

Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Contact us today!

Do not wait any longer and contact us so we can fulfill your immigration dreams in Singapore. You can also check your eligibility.

Surety of documents quality, safekeeping, and application procedures

The combined vast knowledge we have accumulated through the years enables our team to ensure every client's documents package will always be 100% according to the reviewing authorities' requirements. We have gone paperless through technology, and all clients have ease of access to their cases via our secured portal. All documents are also stored securely in our system and private network – a necessary but surprisingly uncommon practice in the industry.

Our Document Controllers are kept updated on all the latest changes to the platform/system. We ensure that your final application is not set up for any surprises during submission that may negatively impact the final result as we are frequently utilizing the submission portals.

Practical time commitment, unrushed submission, fuss-free and honest

Our personalized service ensures all clients, with their own sets of commitments, can adhere to a workable timeline that promises an unrushed submission that remains as fuss-free as possible. Paperwork is kept to a minimum, and we exercise great flexibility with clients to minimize physical meetups if and where necessary, which then translates to minimal disruption to their schedules. Marketing gimmicks are aplenty out there – quick submissions, high percentages of approval, a mind-boggling number of client cases handled, paid actors for approved clients photo-taking/videos, paid/coerced reviews on FB/Google, over-promising during consultations, and offering of eye-popping discounts at every turn. We do not resort to these unscrupulous methods. We are different.

I/we have been to other agencies; we find the prices quoted vastly different. To make matters worse, prices quoted seem to be proportionate to the salaries! FAQ arrow

As mentioned, we are here for the long term, and we strictly adhere to our internal pricing guidelines. We do not overcharge and underdeliver. We charge for the amount of work to be done and not the thickness of your paycheque.

We meticulously handle every case for at least a year with a Documents Controller and Consultant assignment for the entire service period. The number of working hours put in and the sheer amount of work done/to be done are justifiable reasons for much higher quotes, but we promise the best for less simply because we are The Immigration People.

What is the percentage of success for my application then? Firms are promising a 90% to 99% chance of approval. FAQ arrow

Every case we handle is different in its unique way, and we will never approach them with a one-size-fits-all method. Thus, we will explain your current chances and improved chances via us after we have a good look at your entire profile through the consultation.

Please also note that we are here for the long term, and one of our primary beliefs is to conduct our business honestly. Therefore, we do not resort to grossly inflated and shady sales tactics to bring in the dough. Over here at The Immigration People, we are merely different in a fantastic way. Make that appointment with us today, and you will thank us for it later.

How much does your service cost? FAQ arrow

We have a fixed pricing plan with no hidden cost or marketing gimmick for either PR or Citizenship applications. Our services involve comprehensive checks to ensure that all documents meet the reviewing authorities' standards. We can tailor-make our clients' package to be the best case forward, fitting their profile to be presented to the ICA with our insider knowledge. By doing so, we are eliminating all potential rejection risks for our clients, narrowing down to only quota risk. Hence, our charges are mainly based on the following two aspects:

  • Immediate family size of the applicant
  • The complexity of the case (such as been rejected more than five times by the ICA/MOM or prior criminal history, for example)

What is Singapore Permanent Residence (PR)? FAQ arrow

Permanent residency in Singapore is one of Singapore's most privileged immigration status, second only to Singapore Citizenship. Being a permanent resident in Singapore means allows you to live, work, and buy property at a lower tax rate in the country. You will be part of the local community, eligible for various benefits such as traveling without restrictions.

Your children will also have priority in Singapore's public education. Your employer will be required to make contributions to your CPF. It will no longer be required to acquire a new work visa every time you transfer jobs.

But with these rights, the Government will also have the power to enforce specific responsibilities, like military service, something that your male children (if they are also PR's) must do once they reach 18.

What are the pros and cons of a PR status? FAQ arrow

There are a few benefits to being a PR, like affordable housing due to the lower stamp duty. A PR pays half the stamp duty than a foreigner, while a Citizen pays less. A PR would be able to buy an HDB flat after three years, under the condition that the income does not exceed a certain amount. In terms of job stability, employers commonly prefer choosing a local (PR or Citizen) as it saves them from getting work passes. Also, having more locals means having a higher quota for foreigners.

You also get access to less expensive medical services and public education as a PR.

Lastly, we have the Central Provident Fund (CPF). The CPF is a retirement plan so that you can feel secure when the time comes. You may use the CPF to pay for medical expenses, housing, or even investments. The companies you become affiliated with are required to contribute to your CPF based on your salary percentage. CPF can be seen as unfavorable to some people since a portion of their income is automatically held and saved for future use. Access to your CPF is limited until the age of 52. If you leave and renounce your PR, you can withdraw the full sum of your CPF.

One of the disadvantages is if you are currently on an ex-pat package. Your company could adjust your package into local terms, which means you will no longer have added benefits such as housing or car allowance.

In general, there are more advantages to being a PR than disadvantages. We only aim to guide you during your PR application process in the best way possible, using our years of expertise and know-how in the industry.

What are the PR/Citizenship application services you are offering? FAQ arrow

We will be conducting a complimentary consultation with you to evaluate your profile and advise you on improving it to secure your application's higher chance of approval. As every case is different, we would strongly recommend you speak to one of our consultants to determine how we can help in your case's specific conditions.

My ICA application has just been rejected. How should I go about next? FAQ arrow

There is a cooling-off period of 6 months before you can submit your next application. However, it is an excellent time to start building your profile with us so you can be in the top 5% during the ICA selection round.

Should my spouse and I apply together or separately, given that we are both staying in Singapore? FAQ arrow

We recommend applying together to show ICA that you and your family have the commitment level to stay in Singapore.

Will I have to serve the NS after I am granted a PR status? FAQ arrow

PR's under Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS) or Global Investor Scheme (GIP) are exempted from National Service. Male children with PR status under their parents' sponsorship are subject to NS under the Enlistment Act.

Will my son need to attend National Service? FAQ arrow

Under the Enlistment Act, all male adults Singaporean Citizens and PRs, unless exempted, must register for National Service (NS). Following the completion of the service, they will be required to complete up to 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS), every year, for the duration of the ORNS training cycle, until the age of 50 years (for army officers) or 40 years for the rest.

Principal applicants who are given PR status under the PTS or GIP schemes are exempted from NS.

Male applicants who are awarded PR status as a Foreign Student or under their parents' sponsorship are subject to NS under the Enlistment Act. They must register for NS upon reaching 16 years old and will be listed at the earliest opportunity after 18 years old. If they pursue full-time studies, deferment from full-time NS may be granted if they meet the deferment conditions specified by the Ministry of Defence. All males NS-liable aged 13 years old and above must obtain an Exit Permit (EP) when traveling overseas for more than three months.

NS-liable PRs are required to serve NS. Renouncing or losing your PR status without serving or completing full-time NS would harm any future applications to study or work in Singapore. You will also jeopardize future Singapore citizenship or PR status as well as future application renewals of Re-entry Permits for you and your sponsors.

Can my son renounce his PR before he is qualified to be part of the National Service? FAQ arrow

Renouncing PR status for second-generation PRs, without serving NS will face unfavorable consequences. Their failure to complete NS will be taken into account should they attempt to apply to return to Singapore to study or work.

However, we have seen successful EP applicants that were PR before.

Can my son defer National Service if he is not in Singapore when he becomes liable? FAQ arrow

Deferment is usually given to those who pursue tertiary education. However, eligible males are still expected to serve before attending university. You can still write a letter asking for deferment, but its acceptance is at the discretion of the Ministry of Defence.

I am a work permit holder; am I eligible to apply for PR? FAQ arrow

To be eligible for a PR application, you must fall under one of the following categories:

  • S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, and Entrepreneur Pass holders. (For Professionals, Skilled worker & Technical personal)
  • Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or PR
  • Child of a citizen or PR, unmarried and under 21
  • Parents of a Singapore citizen
  • Student Pass holders with at least two years in Singapore. They must also have passed at least one national exam (i.e., PSLE or GCE 'N'/'O'/'A' levels) or be in the Integrated Program.

Therefore, work permit holders areforeign workers from approved source countries working in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or services sector and are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for PR. However, we can assist you via a Sponsored scheme if you are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (PR). Contact us if so!

Is there a guarantee of results? FAQ arrow

Our mission is to put our clients' best foot forward through an all-rounded application that touches on all areas the Government will look into. However, the ultimate decision lies in the last phase of screening by ICA. Defining factors like the applicant fit into the quota system or the industry requirements at the point in time; we can not control them. Contact us to know more!

How long will your consultancy firm take to build my profile? FAQ arrow

A typical profile build-up process, to be ready for submission, takes around 3-4 months depending on your readiness.

What if my company does not support my PR application and is unwilling to provide me the Annex A? FAQ arrow

That is not a problem; we will provide you with a customized declaration letter to ICA; hence Annex A will no longer be needed in this case.

If I studied in Singapore before, will this give me an advantage when applying for PR? FAQ arrow

It all depends on where you studied. If you went to a local school (such as NUS, SMU, NTU, SP, NP, TP, RP, and NYP), you would have an edge over other applicants. That is because ICA officials will take it as you could integrate with the local community successfully. Having attended any international schools or private institutes may not be as beneficial.

I am Singapore PR but have not been living in Singapore. Can I still renew my PR while I am based overseas? FAQ arrow

Yes, but you will still need to apply for a re-entry permit. Since this permit is valid for five years, we usually advise our clients that for the first two years, they can be more flexible, but for the last three years, it is best to stay and work or study in Singapore, to pay income tax and show contribution to society. If you need to leave Singapore for work or students who had gone to further studies overseas, ICA might ask you to explain your situation when it is time to do your renewal.

Also, as part of the process, your Singpass is required. When your PR status has been approved, you will have to come back to Singapore to personally complete the formalities.

What is the PR approval quota? FAQ arrow

The quota is confidential and adjusted periodically.

Can I apply for PR many times? FAQ arrow

You can apply for PR multiple times, with no limits.

Have you seen renewals of Re-Entry Permit getting rejected? FAQ arrow

We had seen renewals getting rejected when the client did not stay in Singapore for a significant amount of time or unemployed for extended times after PR status is granted. The Government approves applications because they believe in the individual's long-term commitment to the country; that is why it is called "permanent residence." But if you have stayed in Singapore and fulfilling your contributions, it is highly unlikely that you will get rejected.

What if I have misplaced my Bachelor's Degree certificate or any other education certificate? FAQ arrow

If you lose any of your required documents, we will draft a declaration letter to explain your situation. These are part of the services, and we do not charge extra for it, unlike other companies in the industry.

If I want to change jobs while ICA is still processing my PR application, will it impact my chances? FAQ arrow

It will not affect your application, as long as you generally don't switch jobs that often; in fact, if you receive a promotion or an increase in pay rate is always a welcomed change. The important thing is that ICA sees you as a stable and responsible candidate.

Before changing jobs/companies, contact us so we can prepare the necessary documents for you. The same applies to essential changes in your profile, like, for example, a newborn after the application was filled.

When can I apply for Citizenship? FAQ arrow

You will need to hold your PR for at least two years before applying for Citizenship.

Instead of remaining as a PR, any advantage to applying for Citizenship? FAQ arrow

There are three main reasons:

  1. You will enjoy the benefits of a Citizen (e.g., stamp duty, taxation)
  2. You do not need to renew your Re-Entry Permit anymore.
  3. You can travel the world with one of the world's most powerful passports without a visa for most countries.

I am a Singaporean, but my son is currently holding LTVP. Can I apply for Citizenship for him without going through PR? FAQ arrow

Yes, you can apply for Citizenship for your son directly without applying for PR.

My parents are Singapore Citizen / PR. Can they sponsor my PR application? FAQ arrow

They can only if you are below 21 years old; if you are older than 21, you will need to apply yourself.

I am on a Work Permit. However, my parents are Singapore Citizens/PR's. Is it easier for me to apply? FAQ arrow

You will not be eligible to apply as a Work Permit holder. The minimum requirement is that you have a SPass to apply. After being a SPass holder with local parents, you will have an edge over the rest, but you will need to apply for Citizen/PR status on your own if you are over 21.

I understand that I will need to provide details of my SingPass for submission and my digital documents are also in your possession. How secure are your systems and also your promise of data protection? FAQ arrow

Over here at The Immigration People, we bring past experiences with ideas worth adopting and countless negative ones we steer clear of. We have a strong and experienced IT engineers team that ensures our systems and servers are kept strictly private and ultra-secure. We are also legally bonded to our clients' agreements as those stem from our partnering law firm. Never risk your data! Countless companies in the market do not secure your sensitive information and are not legally bonded to agreements made with you. Head down for your consultation and learn about our systems. You will look no further in selecting your trusted immigration partner.

Are there any approvals during the Covid-19 situation? FAQ arrow

Yes, there are still approvals depending on your profile situation.

I want to look for a job in Singapore. FAQ arrow

If you are a foreigner seeking employment in Singapore, we recommend approaching a recruitment agency or searching through job portals for an opportunity. Our specialization is in Singapore Immigration, whereby we help to apply for work passes, visit passes, Permanent Residence (PR), and citizenship applications in Singapore. We cannot assist in job placements because we are not an employment agency.