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Singapore Citizenship Application

Citizenship applications are extremely lengthy and complicated

The Government’s Selective Immigration model demands eligible and outstanding Permanent Residents be sure-footed in their applications. On top of that, there are numerous contributing factors to a robust application which our team will be able to concisely present to clients. Citizenship applications are incredibly lengthy and complicated. Therefore, they require a considerable amount of time during screening and decision-making phases over at ICA. We work together with all clients to see that no stone is left unturned and we will ensure the entire application will not be a waste of resources.

All approved clients have up to two months to complete the three components of the SCJ before they can complete citizenship formalities and receive their pink National Registration Identity Cards (NRICs) and citizenship certificates. This comes in the form of the Singapore Citizenship Journey ("SCJ") mainly partitioned into the e-Journey, the Singapore Experiential Tour and the Community Sharing session. Fret not, we will be with you throughout the entire journey and shall advise you accordingly when you receive your In-Principle Approval ("IPA) letter.

What is Singapore Experiential Tour?

The Singapore Experiential Tour is a half-day tour designed for recently converted citizens to visit historical landmarks and national institutions, to learn about Singapore history, challenges and development, and important civil milestones; like the National Museum of Singapore, the Land Transport Gallery, the NEWater Visitor Centre, the Urban Redevelopment Authority Gallery etc.

The Government's Selective Immigration model demands eligible, outstanding Permanent Residents be sure footed in their applications.